Comic 52 - The Folly of Timmy III (by Chippewa Ghost)
3rd May 2018, 3:13 AM in Childhood's End
The Folly of Timmy III (by Chippewa Ghost)
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Author Notes:
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Chippewa Ghost continues the webcomic-crossing "Toymaker Assassination Saga", which can be followed (amongst other references elsewhere) here, here and here!

(Also featuring, in the last panel, Felicia Kingsley, a character originally from Autumn Bay.)
User comments:
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Chippewa Ghost
That last dialogue bubble took me two hours to get right. But man I love it!

While I feel a guilty for whacking such a promising character (who’s not even mine) so quickly, I do hope to give him proper respect (and screen time) through more pages of flashbacks such as this.
Microraptor edit delete reply
- Firstly, I feel honored by the fact that you spent so much time on this! (And yes, the dialogue turned out quite well!)

- Tell you what? If you hadn't picked up this character, it is not unlikely that I wouldn't have done much else with Timmy III and his company.
I mean, in the beginning, he was basically just meant as an OC for Autumn Bay/LIRverse fan fiction, with a connection to my own comic only established when I came up with his sister and put her in the background of one panel...
So, indirectly, you are responsible for a whole Cryptida chapter, the one that I've just finished!

- Last but not least, I am eagerly and curiously anticipating these further flashbacks! :-D