Comic 20 - Car Battery (for Valkyries of the Fourth Reich) )
4th Aug 2017, 8:32 PM in Fan Art By Me For Other Comics
Car Battery (for Valkyries of the Fourth Reich) )
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
This fan comic is a short extrapolation of what might have happened immediately after this page of Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich. (Featuring Tona Zehm, Sam Christianos and Felicia Kingsley, the latter originally being an Autumn Bay character.)

Apparently, Tona did not only leave behind a more recent photo of herself for Felicia's cork board, but also that nasty car battery. Now, is this meant as a warning or reminder of what she could do to Felicia - or is this not meant to be symbolic at all, and Tona simply had enough of carrying around that heavy thing, after not needing it anymore??
User comments:
Chippewa Ghost edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
I reckon there's about to be plenty of uses for a spare car battery in Autumn Bay...
Microraptor edit delete reply
After this not really pleasant (at least not entirely pleasant) experience of having an unexpected visitor, it's not far-fetched that Felicia may at least briefly consider that use of the battery...

Or she just decorates it with flowers and pretends that it's a piece of modern art.